Duromine reviews

Duromine to treat obesity

“My wife tried Duromine. She lost twenty or so kg in 2 months. She complained the whole time she thought she was about to have a heart attack. She put all the weight back on with in six months. I really does make you lose weight however if you don't change your lifestyle than nothing will change at the end of the day. Good luck.”

– Goliath Manhood

Duromine is a miracle weight loss pill!

“G’day all, It seems theirs a lot of mixed reviews on here. Im a male and a chef(not easy to maintain weight). I’ve been overweight for years, I took a promotion at work 3yrs ago as the global chef for the hotel company I work for, I found myself travelling 75% of the year, eating out and tasting food everywhere I went, this took a serious toll on my weight. I’d never heard of duromine until an appointment with the dr regarding an annual staff medical who mentioned I’d benefit from losing weight by taking duromine. He explained the pros and cons and I thought I really had nothing to lose in giving it a try. I filled the prescription of 40mg and took them every second day as advised. In setting out on this new pill I decided to exercise and eat as healthy as I could at the same time so I decided to take the 28 day vegan diet on as well. In the first week I felt amazing, I’d dropped 7kgs and had an abundance of energy. I decided wherever possible I wouldn’t drive, eg: I began walking to the shopping centre to do grocerys, but only taking a backpack so I couldn’t fit to much in. I began at 118kgs and it’s been 3months and I currently way 80kgs. I’ve had zero side effects, I’ve changed the way I lifestyle and no matter where in the world I am I’ve been persistent in doing atleast 1hr of exercise per day whether it be a power walk or hitting the treadmill, my next goal is to tone my stomach to tighten the excess bulge. The physical and mental change on my body is amazing, I’ve never looked or felt better, to lose 38kgs in 3months has been through absolute persistence, healthy eating and daily exercise. I continue to stick to my new lifestyle and wish everyone the best of luck at your weight loss.”
– Chris May


I'm taking Duromine diet pills

“I’ve been on Duromine for a week and have experienced its effect on me. I’ve already lost 2 kilos. I’m pretty happy with the result, but it kinda bothers me because I’m not sure if it is too much or not as my doctor told me that I can start losing weight too quickly which is not that good. I have to drink a lot because I’ve started feeling very thirsty. I’m not sure whether it is the water which makes me urinate up to 10 times a day or it is one of the side effects of Duromine. I have an appointment with my doctor in 2 days and I’ll be happy he tells me that’s going all well because, generally, I like the effect which Duromine produces on my body.”
– Maria Canon

Good experiences with Duromine

“I took Duromine for almost 4 months and then I had to stop it because my doctor told me to. I started experiencing some of the side effects. The most bothering one was my constant euphoria which is not that bad actually, but I couldn’t sleep. I lost 6 kilos while taking Duromine, but when I stopped I gained 5 back which almost has destroyed me. I started eating even more than before taking the medication, but, thank God, I stopped when it wasn’t too far. Now I’m trying to lose weight doing physical exercises and just eating less. Honestly, it doesn’t produce so much effect as Duromine, but I’m not giving up.”
– Billy Moore


Fantastic slimming pills!

“I felt fantastic for the first few days when started using the pills. Duromine really makes wonders! I’ve already lost 5 kilos for 2 months which I find amazing. The only side effect is dry mouth which makes me drink a lot. But I can live with that rather than 30 extra kg.”
– Sandy G. Wall

Duromine really work

“Duromine is a good remedy if used correctly. Sometimes I forgot to take it, sometimes I just couldn’t afford buying it regularly. When I used it it really worked. I didn’t have the sense of hunger at all but felt pretty thirsty. When I had to skip the dose I felt like I’m starving even more than usual.”
– Mandy White

Duromine for weight loss

“Hi, guys. I’ve learned about Duromine from the Internet and the reviews kinda made me feel full of hope. I’ve been suffering from overweight since my childhood and I’ll be really happy if Duromine works for me. It’s been the first day when I started. I can’t say now how I feel but I’m looking forward to the day when I stand on the scale and see that it works.”
– Pierce Duglas

Best fat burner...

“Hey, guys. I’ve actually never understood the guys complaining about their 85 kilos. When I started taking Duromine 6 weeks ago I had an idea of losing at least 10 kg of my 133. Now I weigh 100 kilos and keep losing weight. I just don’t feel hunger and I fell healthier. I think that is the main point. You stop eating and it makes you feel much better! The sense of lightness which Duromine give me is just awesome. You can try this only to experience it.”
– May Estick

Greatest weight loss enhancer

“Oh, I don’t sleep at all. Now I feel like it’s getting better because I shifted Duromine taking 3 hours earlier than before (which is 6 am now). But being on the second week I found out that a lost 7 kilos which was amazing! I couldn’t even believe it and went to a pharmacy to get weighed because I thought my scale was wrong. But it wasn’t! It was the second time when I felt so happy then. I think I can live with a little bit of insomnia and I hope it’ll get better in a few days because I have shifted the time of taking the pills.”
– Fren Terryson

Top fat burning supplement!

“Duromine makes me feel free! I don’t feel like having a meal is my top priority now. I feel so much energy without snacking, biting, chewing smth all the time. I have pretty busy days. Now I don’t have to think what where and when to eat. I don’t have to spend so much time on it now.”
– Haidy Clenster

Duromine...results anybody?

“I was on them for half year this year. I’ve lost do much weight and I still look great. I stopped 2 months ago and I think that I started gaining weight back. Now thinking of going back on them. But I remember my insomnia was quite bothering. If some of you knows how to struggle it or can recommend any other remedies of how not to gain weight I will be really grateful to you.”
– Fred Jackson

Is Duromine safe..?

“It really works, that Duromine! The only thing which bothers me is that I noticed some rush on my skin not so long ago. It doesn’t bother me, it’s even not scratching. The only thing I’m worried about is that I’ll have to stop taking Duromine. That’ll be bad because I can’t have such an effect exercising.”
– Gwen Robertson

Duromine is not addictive

“Duromine is good. Especially, if it’s the first time when you take it. I’ve been undergoing the second course of treatment for almost 12 weeks and have lost 23 kilos which is a lot less that the last time. Now I feel hungry more often but I’ve kinda changed my eating habits and eat a healthier food. The second time I’m on Duromine and for the second time I feel uncontrolled anger and irritation. The only thing which helps here is some physical exercise which helps to reduce both my irritation and weight.”
– Tania Sommer

Duromine 30mg - Rapid Weight Loss

“Thank you, Duromine! It has changed my life! Now I weigh 125 kilos. For some people it may seem just awful but for me it is God’s blessing. Before starting the course of Duromine my weight was equal to 164 kilos!! I had so many healthy problems. Now some of them have just gone! I’ve taken it for 3 months and have such amazing results. My doctor says it is because of my weight. The more you weigh the more you lose during a certain period of time.”
– Terry Becks

Duromine diet pill review

“My wife. She is so beautiful now! I’ve never seen her in such a good shape for 15 years! Now she looks younger and happier. She has so much energy, though, suffers from headaches from time to time. Her doctor examines her and says it’s all going okay. Soon she has to stop the course. I hope, she’ll be able to keep herself as she is now.”
– Barry Lopemoore

Duromine success storie

“Hi, girls. I think you may understand me. When you are 23 and you weigh 96 kilos it makes you not only sad but totally destroyed. I want to marry and have a family but no one really wants me as I am. Duromine is my last hope. My doctor it should work with me but it turned out that I have just a bit of a problem with my heart. Hopefully, that wouldn’t interfere with my plan.”
– Caroll Wile

Duromine review

“I’ve been on it for already 5 months or so. Soon it’s time to stop as my doctor said that I can take it only 6 months without interrupting the course. I get smaller but that’ not what I expected. 20 kilos for 5 months.. Well, now I weigh 86 (168 cm). I’ve been feeling okay all these months but as I read the reviews I see that people lose 20 kilos for 2 months or even less, it makes me feel kinda confused.”
– Molly Gray

Best diet pills exposed

“No side effects, no insomnia, no nausea or constipation. Just nothing! I’m losing weight and feel just awesome! ‘ve lost 10 kilos for 14 days which I find amazing! I’ve tried lots of pills like tha. They worked but I felt either nausea or awful headaches.”
– Ben Millow

Duromine overview

“Started taking it when my husband told me that he was going to leave me if I didn’t lose weight. But thank him now I feel much healthier and more sex appealing (Jesus, I’ve lost 20 kilos!). Now I’m about to leave him myself.”
– Bert Fanwille

Best deals for Duromine tablets

“Hi! I’ve been on it for only a week and fell like I’m going to faint almost all the time. My doctor recommended to lessen the dosage which I did and now I think that I feel better, but still.. The doctor says it’s going to become better in a week or so. Waiting. But I think it works. Don’t feel any hunger.”
– Perry Jacobs